Posted on: February 15, 2012 12:42 pm

Conference Expansion/Realignment

This story is making me sick. It really is. In the early nineties the SEC expanded to 12 and then the Conference Championship Game followed. It took a two or three years for people to notice and realize that, "Holy Moly! There is lots of money to be made!" After that is two decades of blurry crap. First the SWC (The University of Texas, and don't say anybody else. No one else mattered) got tired of not being relevant and made a deal with the devil and the Big 8. After that was the ACC money grab followed by anarchy. Yes I know that is too much hyperbole but whatever. I’m
mad about this so deal with it.

I grew up watching Big East football and basketball. Living in Connecticut my favorite basketball team was the Huskies and even though I didn't have a single favorite football team I followed the Hurricanes. The Big East was perfect back then, it did what it needed to do. But then the ACC came and did what it wanted to do, not what it needed to do. My mother grew up in South Carolina, pretty much in Clemson territory so I never hated the ACC before, but now... The Big East broke. I want it fixed, but now with new parts from Idaho and Texas, but with the parts I remember. Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College. I miss you, we all miss you. Come back and Screw the ACC! It would work wonders now!
Wait no it won't. It wouldn't make you as much money. Lets exclude the fact that no matter what its making old white people richer, but in the ACC your making old white people super richer!!!

That was my plea. It will go unheard and that’s ok. As I have grown up(if you call it that) I have learned you do not always get what you want. And sometimes the things you love are taken away from you, and unless you’re Liam Nesson and a badass you cannot get it back. So here is my plea to the federal government and the NCAA (and don't start about jurisdiction, these football teams cross state lines and they are pooling money together). Please put a end to this. The NFL can do what it wants, but the College level is for AMATURES. Stop making student athletes go 2000+ miles for multiple conference football/basketball/track/wrestling
events. Yes I know at the end of the year there will be some travel because of tournaments or bowl games but those teams will have earn those trips because of the games they play locally in there conference. It is out of hand. So here is what I think needs to be done. College Level Sports should be limited to 10 teams per Conference/Association/Whatever. It should also limit the amount of games/tournaments that these teams play in. For instance having a college football team playing 14 games in one year is insane (2002 Ohio State for instance was 14-0). So is basketball teams getting close to 40+ if they go deep in the tournament. In football it should be no more than 12 games. That means you should play the 9 conference games plus 1 nonconference game during the regular season, and two if there is a playoff. If in that year you don't make the playoffs but make a bowl game you will only play 11 games that year. That is ok. That will happen to most teams. If you try to change it, teams playing in the playoffs will be playing 13 or 14 games and that is unacceptable. In basket ball the 18 game conference schedule is perfect. Add 6 non conference games with the possibility of 6 tourney games (deep run) and you have 30 games. That is totally acceptable and it’s a system that can still make a lot of people a lot of money.

Will this ever happen? No. Why you ask? Because our government wants us to make money. So when there is a way to make a lot more money they will not intervene. They should. But they won't.

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